Signal Processing and Digital Communications are esoteric topics with a lot of details that can make or break the success of a system or project.

There is often a need within an existing organization to expand a skill-set or area of expertise. Anchor Hill can provide your team or organization with the training and education needed to be able to better understand, manage or execute projects containing Signal Processing or Digital Communication elements.

We can tailor training for specific needs whether it be helping management understand technology areas and industry standards or providing implementers insight into how to get the product performance that they need. Anchor Hill can help you and your team execute more successfully when it comes to integrating Digital Communication functions into your products.

Anchor Hill can provide Training and Education in areas including the following topics:

For Management:
  • Overviews of Communication Standards in Wireless or Wired technologies, how they can be applied to certain problems and what their limitations might be.

  • Deep dives into specific communication technologies and capabilities for given applications. (e.g., OFDM for mobile communications or Zigbee for machine-to-machine solutions)

  • Evaluating cost, performance, and capability trade-offs for integrating various communication technologies into a product.

For execution teams:
  • Architecting a Communication System and developing a System Design and
    implementation plan.

  • Understanding the elements and implementation trade-offs for integrating a
    communication system.

  • Link budget analysis

  • Channel evaluation and Simulation for System Design

  • Modulation techniques, methods, and schemes.

  • Understanding Forward Error Correction

  • Receiver Synchronization: Carrier Frequency, Phase, and Symbol Timing, Continuous or Bursty

  • Channel Estimation

  • Adaptive Modulation

  • Signal Detection and Classification

  • Modulator Implementation Techniques

  • Demodulator Implementation Techniques

Professional Blog and Publications:

Our technical blog is written for technologists that may not be expert in the Signal Processing or Communications field but need to understand tricky issues: Eric's technical blog on DSP Related.

Visit Eric's technical blog at DSP Related which covers a variety of detailed topics related to Signal Processing and Communications Technology. Topics include:

* Frequency-Domain Periodicity and the Discrete Fourier Transform
* Time-Domain Periodicity and the Discrete Fourier Transform
* Understanding and Relating Eb/No, SNR, and other Power Efficiency Metrics
* Some Observations on Comparing Efficiency in Communication Systems
* Frequency Dependence in Free Space Propagation
* Pulse Shaping in Single-Carrier Communication Systems
* Handling Spectral Inversion in Baseband Processing

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